NHS and Community Care Act 1990

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  • NHS and Community Care Act 1990
    • Purpose
      • This piece of legislation brought about massive changes within the statutory structure of care. It ended a long-standing state monopoly on provision of statutory health and social care services. 
      • Instead it introduced an ‘internal market’ in public care provision. This meant that the state became an ‘enabler’, rather than the main provider, of public access to statutory and non-statutory care services. 
        • This boosted the role and influence of private and voluntary sector providers in the UK care system. 
      • It ushered in an era of community care for adults with social care and support needs. 
    • Community Care
      • The idea was to allow adults with chronic or long-term care needs to be able to given the support needed at home and to remain in their homes, rather than being put into a state-run institution. 
      • Every local authority is now legally bound to assess the care needs of any person with a physical disability, disabling illness, terminal illness, sensory impairment, learning disability or mental health problem. 
      • The NHS Community Care Act continues to support the provision of both community-based care and its delivery by a mixed economy of care providers. 


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