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7.1 Structure and Provision of Services

Sectors of care:

-public sector (statutory care)

-Independent sector (private and voluntary care)

-Informal care

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Statutory care:

-Care that must be provided by law

-Services usually free at point of access, eg consultations, emergency care and most surgical procedures

-Some services require payment/ donation, eg prescriptions, eye tests and dental services

-Some social services are statutory, eg assesment of needs

Funded through taxation and national insurence

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Private care:

-Care provided by private companies

-Usually must be paid for by individual

-Run as a business to make a profit

Voluntary care:

-Care provided by private companies, such as in private care

-Usually require payment

-Run in the interests of the client group, not for money

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Informal care:

-provided by friends or family


Mixed economy of care-when services from differant sectors are bought in to provide the best care for someone.

 -Increases cost effectiveness and quality of service

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NHS and Community Care Act 1990

     -Changed how people are cared for, tried to encourage care provided in the community

     -Social services for social care, NHS for health care

     -Introduced registration and inspection of care

The Mental Health Act 1983 ¬> The Mental Capacity Act 2005

     -Dictates the rules to forced detention, encouragement of indepedence, through empowerment and protection

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Legislation continued:

The Children Act 1989 ¬> The Children Act 2004

     -Welfare of child paramount   SHEEP

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 ¬>  Equality Act 2010

     -Protects people with disabilities from discrimination

-The Human Rights Act 1998

     -Gives people the right to life

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Structure of services/division of money:

Health care:

Department of health ¬>Strategic health authorities (of which there are 10) ¬>Primary care trusts and NHS trusts

Social care:

Local authority ¬>local councils/unitary authorites ¬> children and family services and adult services

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