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  • Urban-Rural
    • Urban
      • Jobs, in cities an towns you are more likey to get sustainable and well payed employement.
      • Schools, in a city education is often free and will have a much better education system and is often not to far to travel to.
      • Health care, in cities hospitals are closer and you get help faster and more efficiently.
      • Basics, you are closer to shops, parks and basic everyday places.
    • Rural
      • Polution, many people leave a city and move to a rural location because the air quality of the city isnt very good
      • Traffic, Many move because traffic levels cause pollution, constant sounds and long waiting times as well as more accidents.
      • Technology, many people tend to move to rural areas for peace and quiet and because of technology they can work from home.
        • Business venture, lots of people move to rural areas to set up their own agricultural business.


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