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(Key Words)

Quality Of Life - Refers to an individual's level of comfort, enjoyment, and ability to pursue daily activities.

Standard Of Living - How well-off a person or a country is and a relative measure of the quality of life of a person or group has.

CBD - Central Business District.

Urbanization - the process of the formation and growth of cities. People moving from rural areas to urban areas.

Counter Urbanization - process whereby people move from urban areas to rural areas.

Urban Renewal - proccess by which derelict areas of a town or city are improved by upgrading buildings.

Inner City - the urban zone outside the CBD in MEDC’s.

Suburbs - a town or small city located near and dependent on a larger city

Infrastructure - the facilities, systems and equipment required to provide public services.

Non-Government Organisations (NGO's) - groups of people who work with communities to improve their quality of life.

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CASE STUDY: North Braunstone

What is North Braunstone?

North Braunstone is an outer city council estate.


Built on the urban/rural fringe

about 4-5km west from the CBD.

Why was the North Braunstone estate built?

* to replace old Victorian slum terraced houses in the inner city that had no indoor bathrooms, toilets or gardens.

* to provide affordable rented accommodation.

Effects on local people:

Some people believe that they cant get a job because of where they live. People also have to pay deposits for goods and pay for holidays in advance.

Who is to blame for the estates bad reputation?

* Claims that people who were moved from other slum areas of the city have caused the problems on the estate.

Disadvantages of North Braunstone

1) Jobs are too far away

2) People have no qualifications so they find it hard to get a job.

3) No facilities for the elderly

4) No local health servies

5) No local supermarket

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