nazi control

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  • Nazi Obedience
    • Censorship and Propaganda
      • The Press
        • Reich Press Chamber inc Reich Association of the German Press - had register of acceptable editors and jounalists
        • Oct 1933 - Editors Law - Clause 14 - banned weakening Reich, community, German defence, culture or honour/dignity of a German
          • RMVP controlled content of press- daily conferences issued directives on content e.g length
        • allowed Nazis to control what public saw - brainwash into Nazi ideology
      • Radio
        • 1933 - radio overtaken over Reich governors. April 1934 - Nazi established unified radio system
        • Gobbels: 'spiritual weapon of the totalitarian state'
          • allowed them to reach a wide range of people
        • estimated audience for Hitler's broadcasted speeches 1935 - 56mil
      • 1936 Olympics
        • opportunity to display physical superiority of Germans as master race
          • e.g though Jesse Owens won running gold - Schmeling's victory as heavyweight boxing champion - demonstration of Nazi supremacy
        • Berlin 1936 - new stadium constructed memorials of German soldiers included - linked sport + militarism
      • Autobans
        • Put great stress on construction of autobahns car production
        • 1936 - 125k employed in construction
        • 1942 - 3870km completed
        • Like architecture autobahn programme reflects promotion of nazi power and care for good of workers/german people
        • Limited success in production - served more for PROPAGANDA - sold message of German nation working together
          • symbolised political strength, will power + Hitler's achievements - image conveyed to international + domestic audience
    • Machinery of Terror
      • Courts
        • Significant role removing opponents and legalising Nazi activities
        • People's Court - trying enemies of the state - hard to get a fair trial
        • Nazi control - judges told to issue harsher sentences + new laws about political offences brought in - discourage resistance
        • Judges who resisted and replaced by Nazis
      • **
        • Key role in police state and terror
        • Run camps and power to arrest and detention of people in 'protective custody' (even after serving sentence in courts)
        • 1939 - police and security organisations under RSHA (under Himmler/Heydrich) - included Gustapo and Kripo
        • had role in security, ideology and military issues
      • Gestapo
        • all seeing all knowing part of state
        • Intimidation/Raid/Disappearances - encouraged people to give up information
        • Only small organisation 20-40k agents
          • focused on specific enemies e.g socialists, Jews etc
        • 1933 and 1935, some 4,000 men were arrested;


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