establishing Nazi dominace

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  • Hitler's Consolidation of Power
    • More on Enabling Act
      • Papen replaced by Goring as Reich Commissioner for Prussia
      • Hugenberg  unable to prevent the dissolution of his own party (DDP) - forced to resign
      • Nazi group in cabinet was strengthened by inclusion of Goebbels as minister of propaganda - cabinet useless now as all decisions were taken by Nazi leaders on their own authority
    • Foreign Policy
      • Speeches, rallies and marches to promote his cause
      • Unite all German-speaking people, alliance with major powers, reclaim German Land (Lebensraum) taken away by ToV and eliminate ToV terms
    • Establishing Nazi Dominance
      • Himmler
        • Head of ** - aimed to extend his power. make ** centre pf Nazi Germany + head of political oppression
        • Used 'protective custody' to lock up opponents - made talks on 're-education' camps
          • Himmler + ** started to take control of Bavaria justice system + ** guards patrolled camps
          • e.g when Harlinger attempted to accuse Dachau concentration camp of murder - Himmler makes videos about the 'humane' and 'legal' camps
            • Hitler blocks all legal investigations + ensured no ** ppl went to prison - all Harlinger's (sent to Dachau) evidence ended in the hands of the Nazis - ** + Himmler can use brutality again
        • Rivalry between Himmler and Goering - Himmler wanted ** to control Goering's Gestapo
      • Propaganda + newspapers promoted Hitler - not allowed to criticise
      • 31st March - regional parliaments dissolved + reformed with Nazi majorities - one party state
        • March - Reich governors replaced by Head of State Governors - usually Gauleiters
      • Had been dissolving/banning parties (e.g KPD, SPD) - 14th July 1933 - decree states Nazis are only legal party - one party state
    • Gleichschaltung (Coordination)
      • Co-ordination of society (directed by SA and Nazi leadership)
      • Nazis used bank holiday (Labour Day) to move against TU - confiscated, leaders put in concentration camps
      • German Labour Front (DAF) under Robert Ley (Nazi) replaced TU - 22mil members
      • Nazis appointed key ministerial posts - Rohm (State Commissioner for Special Duty), Himmler (Head of Munich police)
      • Church concordat July 1933 - Catholic Church threat to Nazim - Church agreed to not oppose political +social aims of party


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