How did Hitler control the Nazis?

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  • How did Hitler control the Nazis?
    • THE **
      • Himmler set it up and it has 240,000. All members had to be Aryan.
      • Could arrest people without trial
      • Himmler imposed physical standard, even having a filled tooth would disqualify you
      • This was the state secret police. They could tap telephones, open mail and collect information from a huge network of informers
      • Could arrest people with no trial, torture them and send them to Concentration Camps
    • C. CAMPS
      • ** arrested Nazi opponents.
      • Constructed in remote, rural areas
      • The camps held: Jews, Communists,Socialists, Trade Unionists and Church Leaders
      • Collected information on individuals
      • Nazis were judges so  fair trial was impossible.
      • Local Nazi would visit homes checking up and collecting donations
      • Wrote reports on everyone which determined if they could get a job


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