Natural population change in the UK- The Ageing Population

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  • Natural population change in the UK
      • Decline in DR& increased LE- More people are living longer
      • AP- Average age of population is getting higher, smaller proportion of young people
      • Decline in BR meant fewer children are born- Changed overall age structure of population
    • Consequence of AP
      • Spijker& MacInnes (2013)-  More people over 65 than children under 15- AP shouldn't be considered as problem
      • The legal abolition of retirement age (65)- 2011
        • Employers no longer force workers to retire
          • Lawton (2013)- This gives older people freedom to work- Helps promote growth in economy
        • 1 in 10 people aged 65 or over are now in paid work
      • AP- Generate more family household diversity- return of CEF, more beanpole family
    • Advantages of AP
      • A boost to the economy
        • Lawton- New markets- economy
      • More social cohesion community involvement
        • DOC- 4.9 million people aged over 65 took part in volunteering
      • Less crime
      • Family support
        • Important role in providing financial, practical and emotional assitence
    • Disadavantages of AP
      • Growing burden of dependence- "pension time-bomb"
        • Increasing Dependency ratio
        • Higher taxes
        • Over 65s consumed 60% of 1 billion drugs prescribed in 2013
      • More poverty
      • Loss of skill from labour force
      • Family stress
        • More work for women
          • Feminists- Practical burdens of caring for the elderly fall on women


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