Nationalism looks to the past, not the future. Discuss

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  • Nationalism looks to the past, not the future. Discuss
    • Past
      • Conservative Nationalism
        • Nostalgic and backward looking
        • Defence for traditional institutions, way of life
        • Reflects on past age of national glory or triumph
        • Resist change as journey into unknown and want to defend national identity, stable societies should be based on common culture
        • Concerns w/ cultural diversity, supranationalism, immigration
        • Disraeli and Bismarck; maintains social order and defends monarchy, parliament etc
        • Society is organic and nations emerge naturally from desire of human beings to live with others who possess the same views, habits and appearance
          • Psychologically imperfect, seek security within national community to avoid anomie (Durkheim)
        • Disraeli, nationalism way to prevent social revolution, WC not alienated
      • Expansionist/Chauvinist Nationalism
        • 'Golden age' exemplifying national glory or superiority
        • Evident in fascist nationalism, Evident in First and Second Reich
        • Justifies its goals by belief in racialism aand the belief that not all nations are equal in their right to self-determination
        • Nat offerse security, self-respect and pride, which gives large appeal to those who feel powerless
        • Often stimulated by 'negative integration' where other nations or races are portrayed as enemy
          • Nation draws together in the face of the enemy and experiences heightened sense of own identity and importance
        • Against immigration, Golden Dawn Fascists in Greece linked to attacks on migrant workers
        • Some wish to cleanse nation of anything not related to nat foundation, and want it to undergo a palingenesis (Griffin), where nation is reborn and they can recreate a past period of glory
      • Cultural Nationalism
      • Ethnic Nationalism
    • Future
      • Liberal Nationalism
        • Quest for sovereign independence
        • Forge world of independent nation states-reorder intnl and domestic politics
        • Self government through constitutionalism and democracy
        • Mill 'the boundaries of govt should coincide in the main with those of nationality'
        • Mazzini believed indv and collective liberty could be improved through LibNat
      • Anti-colonial Nationalism
        • Fuses goal of self-determination with quest for political, economic, independence and social development
        • Overthrow of colonial rule, collectivisation of wealth (e.g. rejection of western ideas) and establishment of rationally based planning system
        • Gandhi Quote if i can find it lol
        • Often based on Marxist-Leninist thinking e.g. bourgeoisie bc many believed colonialism to be extended form of class oppression
        • Colonies largely in Africa and Asia wished to overthrow powers of Britain, France, Spain and the Netherlands
      • Political Nationalism
    • Both progressive and reactionary characteristics commonly exist within sub traditions
      • Expansionist may look to the future by quest for creation of empires and world domination e.g Arian
        • Some agree with self-determination, just not all nations are equal in their rights to it
      • AntiC could be reactionary because many looked to return to pre-colonial era of small communes


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