A starter to Narrative revision

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  • Narrative
    • Levi-Strauses
      • Binary oppositions
        • For example: Outlaw vs Sherrif
    • Roland Barthess
      • Culture
        • for example: Red London bus, London eye, tea
      • Symbolic
        • For example; a dove means peace
      • Action
        • For example: a plane landing means a journey has taken place
      • Engima
        • questions that the audience question and hope will be answered for example: Will Harry Potter destroy Voldemort?
    • Story types
      • Achilles
        • The flawless person- well almost
      • cinderella
        • The dream come true
      • Circe
        • The chase
      • Faust
        • selling your soul to the devil
      • Orpheus
        • The loss of something personal
      • Romeo and Juliet
        • the love story
      • Triston
        • The eternal triangle


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