Myanmar: the problems created by tourism

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  • Myanmar: the problems created by growth of tourism
    • background
      • Over 60 percent of Myanmar people are in extreme poverty
      • Military dictatorship
        • the foreign currency gained from touism is mainly spent on military spending
        • military spending accounts for nearly half of the government budget
        • less than 44 pence per person per year is spent on health and education
      • Economic
        • travel and tourism industry jobs account for 3 per cent of total employment
        • Myanmar attracts between 100,000 - 200,000 foreign visitor a year
      • tourist boycott
        • 1996: some thought it did more harm than good
    • population displacement
      • moer than 1 million people have been displaced from their homes
        • this is in order to: 'beautify' cities, supress dissent, and make way for tourist developments e.g. hotels, airports and golf courses
      • hundreds of thousands of people have been used as forced labour to clean up existing tourist attractions
      • in 2004 'sea gypsies' were rounded up and forced to live on land and perform traditional dances for foreign tourists
    • environmental degredation
      • Maynmar boasts a huge variety ecosystems
        • tropical islands, rainforests, mangroves and great rice-growing plains in the south
        • snow-capped peaks in the north
      • the haste to develop tourist and other aspects of infastructure has has often taken little account of the environmental repercussions
    • Seasonality
      • best season for climate is November to February (not too hot and lowest levels of precipitation)


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