Motivational Theory

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  • Motivational Theory
    • Frederick Taylor
      • 1. observed workers to perform a time and motion theory
      • 2.Identified most efficient workers
      • 3.Broke down tasks into small manageable tasks
      • 4.Make a set amount of work each worker should achieve
      • 5. Devised a pay per piece pay scheme
      • Scientific management
    • Elton Mayo
      • He found that productivity went up i areas with brighter lighting but also went up in areas that were unaffected.
      • The lighting didnt affect the workers, it was the attention the staff got that made them worker harder.
      • Believed that employees would work harder with brighter lighting
      • HR (Human Resources was formed)
      • Named, The Hawthorne Effect
    • Abraham Maslow
      • introduced the hierarchy of needs
      • american psychologists treated people individually to achieve full potential
      • Each stage can only be achieved one at a time
      • 1. Self Actualisation  2. Social needs 3.Safety Needs 4. Physiological needs
  • 1 is the highest stage, 4 is the starting stage




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