Most effective ways of improving political participation essay plan

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  • What would be the most effective way of improving political participation in the UK?
    • Declining participation
      • People are more concerned with themselves rather than larger society
      • Media shapes the opinion of the public - only show political negatives.
      • Politicians follow view of party not constituents.
    • Referendums
      • May only hold when they will win -  proposed EU constitutional reform treaty
      • Public may not fully understand issue
      • Would educate citizens as to political issue - may engage more
      • Makes government listen to public opinion
      • Takes away Parliamentary sovereignty
    • Compulsory voting
      • People would have to vote there would be no choice
      • Greater legitimacy - governments would be formed on public majority
      • Would increase turnout but people may not be engaged
      • Would have wasted votes.
      • Australia have it
    • Digital democracy
      • Easier participation
      • Security becomes weaker
    • Reduce voting age
      • Immature voters - wasted votes.
      • May  have low turnout as less likely to vote than older citizens.
      • Can leave school, have sex, get married.
      • Youth often get ignored, give them a chance to be heard.


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