SOCIAL - Minority influence

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  • Minority influence
    • General info
      • def: a type of social influence that motivates individs to reject established majority group norms
      • doesn't just have to be an individ - can be a majority that go against authority figures - disobedience/anti-conformist
      • process of conversion: majorities can be gradually won over to minority viewpoint. Belief/behaviour is public ally (and privately) accepted. Type of internalisation
        • racial views
        • Suffragettes
        • homosexuality
      • social cryptoamnesia (snowball effect) - at first, view is minority, more people change attitudes, pace picks up and minority gains power, status and acceptability
        • exponential change - the speed of changes in attitudes increasingly change
    • Factors that increase minority influence
      • Consistency
        • being consistent in messages, behaviour and beliefs
        • confident and committed to cause
        • if you suffered something (abuse) people are more likely to respect it
      • Flexibility
        • show an ability to be moderate, co-operative and reasonable = more persuasive
        • seen as a compromise
        • Nemeth (1986) - 3 PPs and 1 confed - how much compensation to give someone in ski-life accident. Consistent minority arguing for low amount = didn't effect PPs. Flexible, going slightly higher = changed opinion for lower amount
      • Style of thinking
        • increased change if individs engaged in systematic processing, where min's view is considered over time
        • Nemeth (2005) - if people debated the subject (above), persuasive influence of the minority increased
      • Identification
        • when majority identifies with minority
        • Eg. if minority = males, they are more likely to persuade males than females
        • Maas (1982) - homosexual minority for gay rights less persuasive than heterosexuals for gay rights (more persuasive for other heterosexual people)


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