Migration within and to the EU

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  • Migration withing and to the EU
    • within the EU
      • push factors from Poland
        • low average wages
        • high unemployment
        • housing shortages
        • Impacts in Poland
          • Poland's population fell and birth rate, people left were mostly young
          • shortage of workers in Poland, slowing growth of economy
          • Polish economy boosted by money sent home from emigrants
      • Pull factor's to the UK
        • Ease of migration
        • more work and higher wages
        • good exchange rate- pound worth a lot of Polish currency
      • Impacts in the Uk
        • Uk population went up
        • Immigration boosted UK economy, but a lot of money earned in UK sent home
        • new shops selling Polish products opened to serve Polish communities
        • attendance at Catholic Churches went up
    • Migration to the EU
      • push factors
        • threat of violence or death during wars
      • Impacts in African countries
        • working population reduced- fewer people contributing to economy
        • families become separated
      • Impacts in Spain
        • social tension between immigrants and Spaniards
        • more unskilled workers in Spain, filled gaps in labour market
        • average wages for unskilled jobs fallen bc so many people want the jobs
        • birth rate increased because of many young immigrants


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