Migration and Population Movement

Description of the impacts of population movement and a case study on migration from Poland to the UK, and Africa to Spain

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Population Movement
Positive Impacts Negative Impacts
Source Country Relieved pressure It is often the
of public services working
such as hospitals population that
and schools moves away,
Some money is leaving a reduced
sent back home working force
from the It is sometimes
emigrants- this the educated
boosts the population that
economy slightly leaves
A higher
proportion of
ageing people is
usually left, giving
the country an
ageing population
Receiving country Immigrants tend Increased
to provide cheap demand on public
labour services such as
Migrant workers hospitals and
pay taxes which schools
helps to fund Competition for
public services jobs between
locals and
immigrants can
lead to conflict
Not all of the
money earned is
spent in the new
country, some is
often sent back to

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Migration Within and to the EU
People move around within the EU looking for better paid work. Refugees
move to the EU because they have been forced out of their country.
Economic Migration within the EU
People who come from a country in the EU can live and work in any other EU
country. Between the years 2004 and 2007, half a million Polish people moved
to the UK.
Push Factors from Poland Pull Factors to the UK
High unemployment (around Ease of migration.…read more

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Huge numbers of people migrate to the EU from North Africa. Many of these
migrants are refugees from wars in central and western African countries.
There aren't many impacts in the African countries. During the wars the
economy and services aren't working so aren't impacted. The refugees
weren't contributing to the economy or being looked after by the economy,
so they have no impact when leaving.…read more


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