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What is migration? What are the 2 types?
>Migration is the movement of people from on place to another. >It can be Internal migration or international migration.
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What could cause migration?
THe reasons could be >Economic >Political >Social >Environmental
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What is Internal migration?
When people migrate within the same country or region
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Wat is International migration?
When people migrate from one country to another.
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What is Emigration?
When someone leaves a country.
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What is Immigration?
When someone enters a country.
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What is economic migration?
Moving to find work/ a specific career.
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What is political migration?
Moving to escape war/ Political prosecutions.
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What is social migration?
Moving to be closer to family/friends or fo a better quality of life.
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What is environmental migration?
Moving because of natural disasters.
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What are push factors?
Reasons why a person wants to leave a area.
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What are pull factors?
Reasons why a person wants to move to a specific area.
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List 5 push factors...
1)Lackof service 2)Diseases/Illnesses 3)Poverty 4) War 5)Lack of saftey.
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List 5 pll factors...
1) High employment 2) Better services 3)Good climate 4) Less crime 5)Political stability.
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What event allowed migration between countries to be eaiser ?
Since the EU was formed.
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What increased migration in the UK?
When Poland and 7 other Eastern European countries joined the UN in 2004.
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What are migrant policies?
The number of migrants a conutry recieves depends on the country's migrantion policy.
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Briefly summerise Uk's migrant policy?
The Uk operates a point based system, depending on the people's skills , previous income and age.
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Example of Economic migration...
Turkey to Germany.
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Negative impact of economic migration between 2 specific countries...
>Racial Tension in Germany ( some migrants couldn't speak german) >Turkey lost some workforce.
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Positive impact of economic migration between 2 specific countries...
> Germany gained cheap labour due to the migrants from turkey >Migrants could send money to family at home in turkey.
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What could cause migration?


THe reasons could be >Economic >Political >Social >Environmental

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What is Internal migration?


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Wat is International migration?


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What is Emigration?


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