Migration Within and To the EU


There are Economic Migrations Within the EU

People who come from a country in the EU can live and work in any other EU country.

In 2004, ten eastern European countries joined the EU. Since then, people from these countries have been moving to other EU countries have been moving to other EU countries.

More than half a million people from Poland came to the UK between 2004 and 2007.

There were push and pull factors for why people left Poland and came to the UK. 

Push Factors from Poland (in 2004)

High unemployment - around 19%.

Low average wages - about one third of the average UK wage.

Housing shortages - just over 300 dwellings for every 1000 people. 

Pull Factors to the UK 

Ease of migration - the UK allowed unlimited migration in 2004 (it was restricted in some other EU countries)

More work and higher wages - wages in the UK were higher and there was a big demand for tradesman, e.g plumbers. 

Good exchange rate - the pound was worth a lot of Polish currency, so sending a few pounds back to Poland made


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