Population Case study: Mexicans to California

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  • Mexicans to California
    • Mexican workers
      • Mexico
        • low standard of living
        • lack of jobs
        • poor  education/healthcare
      • Many mexican men used to move to USA to earn money and leave
        • NOW they stay permanently with family
      • Hispanics have recently migrated northwards to form a fast growing ethnic minority group in USA
    • Jobs
      • mexicans viewed as a drain on social security and welfare but they are the nations economy
      • The take harder, dirtier, badly paid, dangerous, seasonal jobs
      • Some mexicans earn more in 3-4 months in USA than 1 year in mexico
    • Migrants illegal and legal
      • 1-2 million try to cross the border each year
        • They try again and again until they suceed
      • The number of people that arrive with a green card rises and falls - depending on seasonal availability of jobs
      • 1 million manage to get passed security
    • Mexicans in LA
      • Mexicans perceive it as "City of Opportunity'
      • most immigrations have little qualifications
      • Until they get a green card they are illegal and have to work low paid jobs
        • insufficient pay - forced to live in ghettos in poor districts - Compton


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