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  • Mercantilism
    • Shipping
      • All goods going to and from the colonies had to be carried by ships owned by England and the colonies
      • This gave advantage to the English shipbuilding industry
    • Crews of ships
      • Ships were manned by predominantly English crews
      • Left fewer jobs available for the colonists etc.
    • Enumerated commodities
      • Sugar, cotton etc. from the colonies had to be exported to England; even if they were headed elsewhere
      • Restricted the colonists in where they could ship their goods
      • Meant those in England could make more profit out of the imported goods
    • Goods imported to America from outside of Britain
      • Goods had to be sent to England and reshipped to America
      • Enabled more money to be made by the British
    • Woollen Act 1699
      • Forbid the export of woollen goods outside of the colonies that they were produced in
      • Limited how much money could be made by the colonists from woollen items
    • Hat Act 1732
      • Banned the export of colonial beaver hats
      • Protected taxes for sale in other countries
    • Molaasses Act 1733
      • Put a tax of six pense per gallon of imported molasses
      • Benefitted Britain (made more money)





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