Men and women

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  • Men and women
    • Traditional views
      • Women's role is in the home, caring for the children. Men provides for the family and earns the money.
      • Women are men's helpers, and the men are the leaders in a marriage.
      • Women are weaker than men, because in Genesis Eve gave in to temptation before Adam.
    • Jesus and the role of women
      • In John 4:9 Jesus spoke with a Samaritan woman at a well, surprising his disciples and challenging the cultural stereotypes at the time.
    • Role of men and women in Christian communities
      • Roman Catholic Church believes women aren't allowed to be priests as Jesus chose men to be disciples.
      • Most Christians say women can be priests as God created women in his image as well as men. Furthermore, Jesus came down to break the barriers between people, not reinforce them.
    • Should men and women be equal?
      • Complementarianism- men and women were created as different and so have different roles to play.
      • 'God gives man and women an equal personal dignity.'




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