Should women be priests? Yes because...

Possible arguments for why women shouldn't be priests. 

This is a mind map to why women shouldn't be priests

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  • Should women be priests ? Yes because...
    • Why should men and women be labelled ?
    • If women can control the family and nurse the children well, then why shouldn't they be priests ?
    • Men and women may be different physically, emotionally, and mentally but isn't that better.
      • You want  a variety of priests who have different characteristicsin order to suit different situations.
    • Society has developed and given women and men equal rights. So religion needs to move on
    • Jesus  had 60 women following him and his disciples, clearly highlighting the importance of woman.
    • Why are women not allowed to be given a high position in church ?
    • St Paul has said we should be "one in Christ"
      • This emphasises the equality between men and women.


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