Medicine in Roman Britain

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  • Medicine in Roman Britain
    • Public Health
      • Public health was very important to the Romans as they needed to keep their army healthy.
      • They had aqueduct, public latrines, and bath- houses.
    • Hospitals
      • Roman forts had hospitals but they were only for soldiers and were very small
      • There were no hospitals for the sick
    • Ideas about causes of disease
      • Some people thought that God sent diseases
      • Wealthier and more educated people believed in the four humors
    • Treatments
      • Everyday people would go to their mothers or wives for herbal remidies
      • Wealthier people would go to doctors to be bled or purged
      • In a rich family, fathers would look up treatments in a medical book
    • Training of doctors
    • Methods of staying healthy
      • Light diet, gentle exercise and rest was recommended by Galen and Hippocrates
      • People were expected to bathe in the Roman bath houses


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