Medicine Through The Ages- Mindmap of People Who Had An Effect

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  • Medicine Through Time: People
    • Edward Jenner
      • Small Pox
        • Tested on a young and healthy wood boy
      • Milkmaids
        • Never suffered from Small Pox, only Cow Pox
      • 1749-1823
      • Published his work in 1798
        • Awarded £30,000 from the Goverment
      • Experiment took place in 1796
        • Before anyone knew about germs and viruses
      • People were slow to accept Jenner's ideas
    • Alexander Flemming
      • Penicillin
        • Named the 'wonder drug' of the 20th century
        • Not much was done to
      • Saved millions of lives
      • Scottish biochemist
      • Grew bacteria in small plates in his lab
        • Trying to test if they killed germs
      • 1928
        • Went on holiday and left windows open
          • Noticed a huge blob
            • On this blob it seemed to of killed germs around it
    • Hippocrates
      • The Four Humours
    • Galen
      • The Four Humours
      • Used the theory of the Four Humours to treat people


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