Environment and medical issues mind map

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  • Medical and environment
    • translplants
      • heart-dead
      • lungs-dead
      • kidney+liver = dead or alive
      • hair-dead or alive
      • face - dead
      • eyes-dead
      • christian views
        • most  christians are against it because we were made in the image of god and we shouldnt change that.
        • however some agree because their donating at the end of their life so they should help othere as jesus says love thy neighbour
      • jewish views
        • jews can put them self in a reasonable amount of danger if it means saving someone elses life
    • pollution
      • cars
      • factories
      • Untitled
      • green house gas
      • waiste
    • solutions
      • cut down on waiste -recycle and reuse
      • renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels
      • reduce  the amount of electricity used
      • public transport
      • spread the word


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