Developmental psychology

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  • What is it?
    • Can be studies at any stage of life.
    • It studies how we change through our lives.
    • How we learn new things, how values and morals change etc
    • Studies nature vs nurture
    • Developmental psychology
      • What does developmental psychology focus on?
        • There are two types of reinforcement-External-approval Internal-feeling happy
        • How we learn from others through observation.
        • Vicarious reinforcement: Using consequence of others actions to decide to imitate.
        • People will punish or reinforce a child's behavior allowing them to decide if to repeat.
        • More likely a child will imitate behavior deemed appropriate for their sex and imitate people similar to them
        • How we encode other peoples behavior and imitate it.
      • Relates to social learning theory-see mind-map.


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