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  • Media
    • Key Teachings
      • It is important to spread the good news of Jesus' resurrection
        • The media can be used to educate people about Christianity and encourage them to become Christians themselves
      • It is wrong to be greedy or to covert things that you do not need
        • Films and celebrity culture can encourage people to live in an un-Christian  way, spending money they cant or afford and wanting teachings that they don't need
      • It is wrong to make images or representations of God
        • Sometimes God is represented in films or cartoons. This is breaking one of the ten commandments
      • God gave the disciples the gift of tongues so that they could spread the word
        • The disciples were given a great gift to enable them to do what God wanted , media like the internet is another form of that gift which allows the message of Christ to be spread all over the world
      • Humans are made in the image of God.
        • Many television programmes, films etc show people in a humiliating light but all humans deserve to be treated with respect.
      • Whatever you do work at it with all your heart, as working for the lord , not men
        • Much of what is portrayed by the media , including the celebrity lifestyle is focussed on this life and material things in it instead of concentrating on God
      • The only approximate situation for sex within a marriage
        • Explicit sex is now very common in films and on television; it devalues the gift of a genuine committed sexual relationship and encourages casual sex
      • Love the lord god with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind ',
        • The media makes a few people very rich and famous , people idolise them and their lifestyle worshipping them instead of god


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