Is it Fair?

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Religious Teachings: Human Dignity


  • God is the creator of all and believe all people are "One in Christ" (Galatians 3) 
  • Jesus showed in his teachings and actions that all people have human dignity 
  • Jesus mixed with tax collectors like Zaccheus and showed the importance of caring for all through parables e.g. Good Samaritan
  • Christian charities such as the Campaign for Racial Justice (CARJ) encourage racial justice and support refugees and asylum seekers


  • Teacges all people contain atman
  • While Hindus are on eath they believe it is important to help others
  • One of the four aims in life is artha - to make weath to support others
  • Hindu charities such as Food For Life provide free meals for all
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How should we treat others?

  • We are all God's creations
  • Golden Rule - "Treat others how you want to be treated"
  • Stories in sacred books show we should treat everyone with dignity e.g. the story of the good Samaritan
  • Religious believers say its a duty to treat others well
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What is fair?

  • When there is justice
  • When everyone has similar treatment
  • When there are equal opportunities
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What is unfair?

  • When there is corruption and injustice
  • When people dont share with others
  • When human rights arent exercised
  • When people are discriminated against
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How does the media influence attitudes?

  • It can increase pressure on people to be more materialistic through advertising
  • It can encourage socail responsibility by exposing injustices
  • It can distort or censor reality
  • It can show people injustices that are happening in other parts of the world
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Religious Teachings: racial, social and gender div


  • God created all as equal regardless of gender or race
  • Parable of the Good Samaritan - caring for all
  • Marting Luther King Jr led a campaign against discrimination
  • Jesus didnt have any female apostles but most of his teaching and miracles were with women


  • Ahimsa (harmlessness) is key - shouldnt be hurt because of gender or race or socail status
  • Women have very important roles at home - perform puja (ceremonial worship)
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Why are people prejudiced?

  • Peer pressure - forcing peers to do something they dont want to
  • Stereotyping - one person doesnt represent all people
  • Fear - what if there are no people left like me
  • Envy - people who have more or are better than you
  • Education - not able to go to school
  • Ignorance - Listen to what other people say about each other dont find out for yourself
  • Everyone is different!
  • Family pressure - believing the same as parents
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Is equality possible?

  • It is something to be strived for but it doesnt come naturally
  • Depends on what it is that is supposed to be equal - status, opportunities
  • Being equal doesnt mean eveyone is the same
  • All religions show the importance of treating others how you wish to be treated
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Religious Teachings: Wealth and charity


  • "Blessed are you who are poor, yours is the kingdom of God"
  • Bible teaches to share e.g. John the Baptist taught those with coats must share one
  • Many will try work in vocational jobs where they are helping others
  • Giving to charity has always been important


  • Wealth is loaned by God and therefore it is important how it is used
  • Personal wealth should be gained through lawful means (artha)
  • Material possessions arent of lasting value
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What do we need and what do we want?

  • A want is a wish or longing for something, without we wouldnt suffer hardship
  • Religions teach that we need spiritual values rather than money
  • A necessity is something without which we would have extreme hardship or maybe die e.g. oxygen, water, food, shelter
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What should people's attitudes be towards wealth?

  • Those with wealth have a responsibility to support others
  • There is a difference between spiritual wealth and financial wealth
  • Many religions show the importance of using wealth to help others
  • It important in all religions that wealth is used wisely
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