AS Physics - Particles and Radiation: Matter and Radiation

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  • Matter and Radiation
    • Inside the Atom
      • The Structure of the Atom
      • Isotopes
      • Specific Charge
    • Stable and Unstable Nuclei
      • The Strong Nuclear Force
      • Radioactive Decay
      • Journey into the Atom (Part 1): A Very Elusive Particle!
    • Photons
      • Electromagnetic Waves
      • Photons
      • Laser Power
    • Particles and Antiparticles
      • Antimatter
      • Particles, antiparticles, and E=mc^2
      • Journey into the Atom (Part 2): The Discovery of the Positron
    • Particle Interactions
      • The Electromagnetic Force
      • An Interaction Model
      • The Weak Nuclear Force
      • Journey into the Atom (Part 3): The Discovery of the W Boson
      • Back to Beta Decay
      • Electron Capture
      • Force Carriers


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