Marxist view on inequality

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  • Marxist view of inequality
    • Conflict theory - see's society as divided (class) to benefit the rich
      • Functionalist and New right are consensus theories which say that differences in society are there to motivate hard work (meritocracy)
    • Traditional Marxists think that inequality is typical of all societies
      • One group has always had control (survival) and the other group is meant to work for the group
    • MARX said that economic relationships are the most important
      • The ability to control production means that those who have power have control over the rest of society in own intrest
      • The substructure is materials and labour force and so the social control to create products - owners have resources we all need and so workers must sell their skills to survive and so give up their power(leads to exploitation). the surplus product isn't controlled by the people who make
        • The owners of SubS become the ruling class as they can then control the superstructure (gov) and so benefit ideology and beliefs
    • ALTHUSSER - says 2 forms of social control
      • Repressive state apparatus - control via force such as police and judicial system
      • Ideological state apparatus -  spread capitalist ideas such as family and media
    • Talk about the communist revolution - rise of W.C and fall of R.C - this will over throw capitalism
    • STRENGTHS  -  strong evidence to support it (extreme poverty and wealth coexists)
      • Hard  to argue against media spreading ideology (data harvesting) Gov are puppets of corporate control
      • BORDIEU  said meritocracy is a myth. M.C have more culture capital (Sutton trust) says education legitimises inequality
    • NEO- MARXIST say Marxist failed to predict revolution
      • MILLIBAND  - argued gov was composed of powerful  people from few families  and production is essential / said W.C didn't understand importance of socialism for lives
      • BRAVERMAN - industrial workers lost skills to industry (mechanisation)  experience was miserable which he claimed gave owners more power
      • FRANKFURT SCHOOL - say media turned culture into commodity that could be bough and sold, it acted as a drug - critics say ideas form conspiracy theory - ignore complexity of modern society
    • POLLUTANTS - through social policy gained consent to control (laws to protect health and safety) makes workers think they're on the side so don't develop class consciousness
    • Distributions
      • AGE = children make up RAL - main focus is class
      • CLASS = rich control state so enforce laws to spread controlling - false consciousness but  over simplistic view
      • GENDER = women role supports capitalism  - used a RAL. Men relieve frustration from lack of power at work in the home
      • ETHNICITY = HALL  looked at black criminality and how W.C dislike and view as criminals - main foucus is class and not role of race as a reality.


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