Marxist Feminism

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  • Marxist Feminism
    • Marxist feminists argue that gender inequality comes from the nature of capitalist society
      • Women are used as a cheap labour force, a reserve army of labour and as free domestic labourers in the home
        • Marxist feminists also argue that women's expressive role is to absorb men's anger and at exploitation at work which keeps capitalism stable
          • 'Safety valve' theory (Fran Ansley)
    • Marxist feminists say capitalism is the root cause of inequality so improving their position in society involves changes in capitalism and class inequality
    • Evaluation
      • Strengths
        • Plenty of evidence as Marxists such as Engels agree with this view, arguing that women's role is to reproduce as this creates the next generation of workers
      • Weaknesses
        • Could be considered an outdated theory as changes in the family and women's employment have affected the nature of the family and leisure time


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