Marxism and crime

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  • Marxism and crime
    • Gordon
      • Capitalism is criminogenic - it creates competition, greed and the culture of accumulation.
      • White collar crime is a perfectly rational response to maximising profits.
        • White collar crime just reflects the middle classes conforming to capitalist values
    • Chambliss
      • Law works in favour of the middle classes criminality takes place at every level of society, but the type of criminality is affected by the individual’s background.
      • Middle classes have the opportunity to commit white collar crime, but the law around this is not enforced as much as working class crimes
    • Box
      • criminal law is an ideological tool used by the bourgeoisie, criminalising activities undesirable for capitalism while allowing other activities (which may be more damaging to the general population) to continue.
      • White collar crime is not ‘socially constructed’ as crime and is therefore given less attention, so we see working class crime as the ‘problem’. E.g. shoplifting v banks charging people to use their own money = both theft?


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