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Topic III
Traditional Marxism & Neo-Marxism…read more

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Traditional Marxism
Capitalist society is criminogenic meaning it creates crime
Poverty may mean that crime is the only way W/C can survive
Crime may be the only way to obtain consumer goods encouraged by
Alienation and lack of control may lead frustration
Crime is not confined to the W/C, capitalism is a `dog eat dog' world
The pursuit of wealth encourages corporate crime e.g. tax evasion
David Gordon: Crime is a rational response to the capitalist system and
hence it is found in all social classes…read more

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The State And Law Making
Law making and enforcement serves the interest of the W/C
Chambliss: Laws to protect private property are the cornerstone of the
capitalist class e.g. the introduction of English laws into East African colonies
to protect tea, coffee and other plantations/economic interests
U/C have the power to prevent the introduction of laws that threaten their
Snider: Capitalist state is reluctant to pass laws that regulate the act ivies of
business of threaten their profitability…read more

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Majority of crime is committed by the W/C
Explains crime without a monetary gain
Shows the link between law making, enforcement and the interest of the
capitalist state
Some crimes fall both white and clue collar crime
Ignores the relationship between crime and non-class inequalities
To determinist
Over predicts the amount of W/C crime
Not all capitalist societies have high crime rates
No allowance is made for the complexity of influence on law-making
behaviour…read more

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Neo-Marxism: Taylor et Al
Agree with Marxism:
Capitalist society is based on exploitation and class conflict
The states makes and enforces laws in their own interests
Capitalism should be replaced by a classless society
Disagree with Marxism:
To deterministic…read more

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Taylor et Al take a more voluntaristic view of crime
Crime is a meaningful action and a conscious choice by the actor
Criminals are deliberately striving to change society
Emphasis the importance of individual liberty and diversity
Induvial should not be labelled deviant just because they are different
Instead they should be free to live their lives as they wish…read more

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