Traditional Marxist Views on Crime

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  • Traditional Marxist Views on Crime
    • Crime in a Capitalist Society
      • Traditional Marxist  argue that capitalism is itself a crime and that capitalism causes crime
        • Because capitalism it is an economic system based on the exploitation of the many by the few
        • The proletariat work for the bourgeoisie and make a profit for the bourgeoisie
      • Capitalism causes crime because it is an economic system based on competition, selfishness and greed
    • Corporate, white-collar and state crime
      • Slapper and Tombs (1999) argued that corporate crime should be defined as law-breaking committed  by or for corporations which furthers the interests of the corporations
      • State Crimes are defined as crimes committed by the government such as terrorism, torture, war crimes, genocide and corruption
    • Criticisms of Traditional Marxism
      • If, as Marxists assume, crime is caused by capitalism
        • Why does crime exist in China, Russia and Cuba . Maybe crime is inevitable regardless of the economic system
      • Many victims of crime are working-class
      • f capitalism causes crime,  shouldn't the greatest mount of crime be committed by the poorest people in society, such as the elderly


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