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  • Marxism
    • Idea of super structure
      • Foundation of society established by elite to detriment of others
      • Super structure of institutions to maintain this. Unfair, would lead to conflict.
        • Had to destroy base to fix this
    • Labour theory of value
      • In a capitalist economy, proletariat wouldn't gain full value (for efforts)
      • Revolution when workers realise they're being exploited
        • Wasn't expected in Russia more agricultural at time
    • Dictatorship of the Proletariat
      • Capitalists & workers conflict final part of struggles between social groups
      • Revolution workers gain control but political control with representatives at first
    • Stages
      • 1) Primitive Communism.Survival, Successful hunter gathers gained power
      • 2) Imperialism - Emperor gave land to those who help protect state, land owning elite
      • 3) Feudalism Aristocracy>peasants, food surplus capitalists, political power 4) Capitalists> workers, overthrown as more politically aware
      • 5) Socialism (dictatorship of proletariat, organisations redistributed to needs) 6) Communism,money & government no longer needed. Classless


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