attitudes and abilities of Stalin

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  • stalins abilities and character
    • abilities
      • could manipulate situation to serve his needs and wants
      • administrator
        • 1905, represent branches of Bolshevik party of Georgia and south Russia at conferences
        • 1912, elected as central committee of bolsheviks where he excelled
        • before 1917- Stalin found party funds, illegally (train robberies) but efficiently
      • manager
        • military commander during the Civil war
        • general secretary of communist party, most senior management post
        • 1917-1922 stalin was bolsheviks specialist manger of national minorities' issues
        • by 1927 he controlled party congress and could expel enemies
      • planner
        • 1928-1933 planned economy, police state
        • collectivisation started in 1928
        • managed Russia resources 1949-1941 in preparation for nazi invasion
      • by 1924 he worked himself into a position of power by exploiting his role as general secretary,
        • ability to plan, organise and implement ideas effectively
      • ability to be ruthless when necessary
        • used unprecedented levels of repression when faced with opposition
    • character
      • megalomaniaand psychotic tendencies- the great terror
      • paranoid- increasingly believed no one was to be trusted, including family and loyal party members
      • diligent, intelligent resourceful and rational
        • followed own brand of marxism (marxism-leninism-stalinism)


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