Martin Luther

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  • Martin Luther (1483-1546)
    • 1483-Luther Born.
    • 1505-Caught in thunderstorm- pledged to be a monk if he lived.
    • 1507-Ordanied as a priest. uncomfortable with 'mindless' rituals of the church
    • 1516- 'tower experience' reading the Bible, 'faith alone' salvation.
    • 1517- Pinned 95 theses to door at Wittenburg
    • 1520- Pope Leo X excommunicated Luther.
    • 1521- Diet Of Worms- Appeared before Charles V. Refused to recant. Luther outlawed, works banned.
    • 1525- Former Monk- married Catherine von Bora. A former nun.
    • 1525-27- German princes converted to Lutheranism.
    • 1546- Died in Wartburg Castle- last years spent improving translation of the bible into German.


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