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Who Was Involved in the march to the
Lincoln Memorial?
· SCLC- Southern Christian Leadership
· SNCC- Student Non-Violent Co-ordinating
· CORE- Congress of Racial Equality
· NAACP- National Association for the
Advancement of Coloured People
· Martin Luther King
· 250,000 marchers ­ 20% white
· John Lewis
· Led by A.Philip Randolph…read more

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Aims Of The Protest `For
Jobs And Freedom'
· To put pressure on the President and Congress to pass
the Civil Rights Bill.
· To hear speeches from leading figures in the civil rights
movement, religious and labour leaders.
· Martin Luther King delivered his famous " I have a
dream" speech.…read more

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· Despite Kennedy's fears about the becoming violent, the
march remained peaceful this increased white
supporters for the civil rights movements.
· It gained favourable media attention within the United
States and abroad (Ghana).
· Presented the Civil Rights Movement as united front with
common goals and methods.…read more


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