The early life of Martin Luther

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  • Martin Luther
    • Birth and family background
      • Born 1483 in Saxony to a wealthy family of merchants and copper miners
      • Wealthy family that could give him a prosperous academic career
      • A very pious family
    • Education and academic career
      • Education
        • Studied law n University of Erfurt
        • Studied humanism as well as legal studies
        • Formed his debating skills and emphasis of scripture
      • Academic Career
        • He taught theology in Wittenburg University 1508
        • Began giving lectures in 1513
          • This caused him to rigorously study the Bible to develop his teachings
        • Influenced his view on salvation
        • His post in Wittenburg University was very important as Freddrick the Wise (Elector of Saxony) put money into the university and therefore became very fond of Luther
    • Crisis and change of course
      • Luther left university and became an Augustinian monk in Erfurt 1505. The reason is unknown and debated
        • Reason 1: He was caught in a thunderstorm and prayed to St Anne (patron saint of miners) and vowed to become a monk
        • Reason 2: Luther was dissatisfied with himself and his religious life and needed to find spirituallity
    • Monastic Life
      • Luther took his duties as a monk very seriously and rigorously followed a non-materialistic life. This obsessive behaviour damaged his health
      • He was terrified of hell
      • Luther listened to many sermons and developed his faith
      • Became a priest in 1507
      • Went to Wittenburg in 1508
        • Johann Von Staupitz told him to teach theology in Wittenburg Univerity- he did in 1508
      • Luther visits Rome in 1510 on behalf of the Augustinians
        • He witnessed massive corruption
        • Became disappointed with the priests
        • Historians see this as a 'culture shock' and a breaking point as Luther had high hopes
          • Others claim it's not significant because Luther continued teaching Catholic doctrines
  • The blue bubbles highlight important pieces of informatiob


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