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  • Manchurian Crisis
    • Japan invade Manchuria- 1951…WHY?
      • Economic reasons
        • World Wide Economic Depression
        • America can't afford to buy their goods and Japan can't afford to buy imports, the economy is suffering!
        • Japan needs coal, iron and rubber- MANCHURIA HAS THEM
      • Overcrowding
        • overcrowded island, immigrants were unable to emigrate to america
        • There is space in Manchuria
      • Japans Military
        • believed that Japan should  solve their problems by force
        • Military were very important, they had tremendous influence and power, they influenced the emperor to invade
      • China was weak
        • Japan thought that the invasion would be easy
        • had collapsed into chaos- rival warlords divided the country and created mini kingdoms
    • The spark...
      • Mukden Incident
        • the Japanese army engineer an explosion on the South manchuria railway, which they owned
        • they blamed it on Chinese terrorists
        • this was these excuse that China was in anarchy and they could easily invade, it was within their own interest of course because they owned part of the railway
      • China asks the League for help then League condemns Japan for its actions and orders a withdrawal of Japanese troops
        • Japan refuses
      • So the lytton commission was launched
        • Lord Lytton launched a commission of inquiry sent to Japan to gather information to produce a report
          • to find Japan guilty of seeing part of China's territory BUT IT WAS TOO LATE, the report was a year later, slow journey by sea and so was ineffective
      • NO ECONOMIC SANCTIONS because the economic climate was bad and if they did Japan would just go and trade with America and the leagues members would be more effected
      • NO MILITARY SANCTIONS, too far away and it is the first crisis are the excuses
        • If russia were a member- could have had influence. Japan is very powerful, and they have no permanent army, BRITAIN AND FRANCES ARE still weak from WWI and members of l have to volunteer their men. Britain and france are not willing to lose men. Britains have colonies in the east which they fear will be invaded if they give a military sanction.
          • WOuld have been stronger if they had the support of RUSSIAN and AMERICAN armies
        • IMPACT ON THE LEAGUE, japan withdrew and drew close to other dictators like HITLER AND MUSSOLINI
          • Anti comitern Pact (aimed against communism with Germany and Italy)
          • showed that the league were not prepared to fight against aggressive dictator and gave them confidence


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