Breakdown of international relations in the 1930's

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  • Breakdown of international relations in the 1930's
    • League of Nations
      • Lack of action in Manchuria and Abyssinia
      • Hitler allowed to ignore the Treaty of Versailles
        • Rearmament
        • Anschluss 1938
    • Rise of Hitler
      • Invasion of Poland 1939
      • Invasion of the Sudetenland
      • Rearming
    • Manchuria
      • League not sending military arms to prevent it.
      • League shown as weak and ineffective.
    • Abyssinia
      • Defying the League
      • The Failure of the League (Haile Selassie)
    • Communism
      • British hate for communism encouraged the policy of appeasement
        • Hitler was able to do as he pleased scaring Stalin
          • The Nazi Soviet pact was formed
        • Fascism would wipe out communism





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