Why did war break out in 1939?

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  • Why did war break out in 1939?
    • Failure of appeasement
      • Allowed Hitler to gain land, men and resources
      • Hitler became confident that the other leaders were too weak to stop him
      • Clearly no option left but war
    • Failure of the League
      • Germany, Japan and Italy had all left by 1937
      • Manchuria and Abyssinia proved the League could not work
    • Hitler's open dishonesty
      • Broke the Munich Agreement by invading Czechoslova-kia in 1939
      • Nazi-Soviet Pact
    • Change of public opinion
      • Public was ready for war
      • Saw that Hitler was a necessary evil to fight after Guernica
    • Britain and France were prepared
      • Appeasement bought them time to rearm
      • Britain increased its aircraft from 1800 to 8000 from 1936-1939


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