The Blue Revolution

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  • Management: The Blue Revolution
    • Zomba West, Malawi
    • 1,200 affected helped, fish intake 150%
    • Increased from 26,000 in 1970 to 700,000 in 1990
    • Chambo and Mlamba fish being bred
    • Retail value over £20 billion
    • 85% of farmed shrimp production in Asia
    • Fish provide locals with protein, increase life expectancy
    • Large expansio led to degredarion and loss of natural resources
    • Average farm lasts 2-5 days before serious pollution
    • Overall, it is sustainable
    • Salinisation of waterways ruins fishery and crop production
    • 100,000 Mangrove trees lost in Thailand
    • Manure from farm used as fertiliser in ponds, silt in ponds used as crop fertiliser, crops used to feed animals (intergrated agri/aqua culture)


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