Making a Case A2 OCR

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  • Making a Case
      • Recognising Faces
        • Bruce et al- The importance of external and internal features in facial recognition
        • Facial Composite- E-Fit
      • Factors Influencing Recognition
        • Weapon Focus- the concentration of a witness's attention on a weapon
        • Elizabeth Loftus et al- to provide support for the Weapon Focus effect when witnessing a crime
      • The Cognitive Interview
        • Stages of the Interview- Report everything, Context reinstatement, Recall in reverse order, Recall from a different perspective
        • Fisher et al- Field test of the cognitive interview using 16 detectives from Florida
      • Top-Down Approach (USA)
        • Murderers are classified as 'organised' or 'disorganised'
        • Ressler, Burgess and Douglas- to identify the major personality characteristics of 36 convicted serial killers and sex murderers
      • Bottom-Up Approach (UK)
        • The offender's actions when committing a crime reflect his personality in his everyday life
        • Canter and Heritage- to identify a behaviour pattern from 66 sexual assault cases
        • Canter- Case Study on John Duffy the railway ******. Technique- Geographical profiling, Criminal biography, Personal characteristics, domestic/social charcteristics, Occupational/ educational history, statistical analysis


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