Love Among the Ruins

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  • Love Among the Ruins
    • Layout
      • Dramatic monologue, but not a huge sense of controlling speaker as in other poems
      • Poem about past glories, short/longline length represents this
      • Huge elongated sentences, sense of infinity, countryside seems bare, civilisation has gone, 'tinkle homeward throughout the twilight, stray or stop As they crop', boundless, empty
      • Enthusiastic listings like in LL, 'and' repetition, 'And a burning ring-', 'And the monarch', 'And I know'
    • Rhythm
      • Rhyming couplets, lots of enjambment between lines, repeated Browning has a book of a poem in this form he is copying it.
        • Long trochaic lines, altered with short retics /v/v/v//v/     /v/
        • No hurry to say anything, calm, 'twilight' gentle
    • Context
      • First from Men & Women collection, push dramatic monologues
      • Pastoral literature- who we should be living, love/sex/food/poems, 'On the solitary pastures where our sheep'
      • At the end it all comes together,  links to Apparent Failure, sudden revelation, Phylosophical musing, from shepard who is meant to quite wise, human beings can have huge achievements, goals, what what is it worth, links to Toccata Gul.
        • 'For whole centuries of folly, noise and sin! Shut them in,' Love is the best, better than anything, everlasting ? As they have gon away all theirs sins and jokes
        • 'Browning is a celebrator o th epower and goodness of human love: love is a transcendent value, infinitely enriching the individual hum a life, and connecting that life with Heave' -Stefan Hawlin said
    • Character
      • Not horrible, not overly ocntrolling, unsure of what connection they had as much as other poems e.g LL
        • Mystical, gentle (so they say), mystical bracketed phrase
      • Yearning, mood for the pas, nostalgic, links to Toccata. Gal. 'But he looked upon the city'
      • He is in awe of the past, links to Toccato Gal. 'Oh heart! oh blood that freezes, blood that burns!', in a flurry, links to other poems speakers being out of control, Bishops., MLD, PL, long lists
    • Imagery
      • calm, idyllic, nature, Biblical, the past
        • '-head of blossom winks throughout the chinks', nature most powerful, takin cover the ruins, past life was worthless, links to Bishops.
        • 'And they built their gods a brazen pillar high As the sky', moral judgement references links to LL, Tower of Bable connotations from the Bible
      • 'Where the domed and daring palace shot its spires', personification, castle moving itself
    • 'Was the site once a city great and gay, (So they say)
      • Wistful, double alliteration, alliteration like Bishop., to create beautiful imagery
        • 'Made of marble, men might march on nor be pressed
          • Grandeous, fabulous, materials, useb to be amazing, lots of superlatives, alliteration, grand, like Bishops. but reminding not looking forward, but then is Bishop. a description of his past?
    • 'Now, - the single little turret that remains'
      • Can hardly detect a sign of civilisation
      • links to solitude, sad, Bishops.
    • 'Where a multitude of men breathed joy and woe'
      • Use of past participle emphasises it has gone, 'multitude' create imagery of army of men, links to LL
    • 'That a girl with eager eyes and yellow hair'
      • simple description fits with simple, idyllic, peaceful poem, not woman/wife, surprising, concept of Victorian women. May not bbe Browning but may have links to Elizabeth
        • Poem is about excitement of seeing the girl again, not mystery of past people, selfish?
          • '-we extinguish sight and speech', getting very close, suggests dependance on each other, claustrophobic, as Elizabeth and Browning were everything to each other, and links to Amoung the Camp. 'we' has links to LL, exclusion


Sienna Jones


What does LL stand for?

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