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A Soldiers Declaration

  • defiance and liberation to agression and conquest - the purpose of war
  • men are being sacrificed - suffering, formal lang to makes his argument believeable
  • they have not sufficient imagination to realize - blames the home front
  • I have seen and endured the sufferings of the troops - seen the horrors, distressed empathy
  • I can no longer be a party to prolong these sufferings for ends I believe to be evil and unjust
  • the war is being deliberately prolonged by those who have the power to end it - the politicians could stop the war yet they don't
  • I am making this statement as an act of wilful defiance - angry conviction
  • I believe I may destroy the callous complacency with which the majority of those at home regard - let down, 'c' sound, 
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Part 1 - Rengeration

  • You think exactly as I do about the war, and you do... nothing - Graves may think that the ones who didn't experience it wont understand, can't see Sassoon point of publishing
  • The corpses in Piccadilily - reality of war, mental, physical consequences of war
  • Agony is lying in a shell hole with your legs shot off - persepective of someone who has seen the suffering
  • woke up vomiting reality of war, mental, physical consequences of war
  • we averaged 10 amputations a day - reality of war
  • there was nothing I could do. I just stood there and watched him bleed to death - being bound by fear?
  • Men who brokedown, or cried, or adimtted to feeling fear were sissies, weaklings, failures - common home front attitude
  • It is made perfectly clear when you arrive that some people are more welcome than others - divide of class
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Part 2 - Rengeration

  • She held out her hand in an almost boyish way - confidence, change in roles, women more like men
  • Men who broke down were degenerates - they betray human race, war had nothing to do with it - would have broke down anyway
  • Prior moved among them like a ghost - feels dislocated, he's a reminder of the war
  • You wouldn't think there was a war on - anger, bitterness in his voice
  • They owed him somthing, all of them - owed for fighting in the war, endured sufferring so they can spend lovely afternoons not even noticing what is happening, what price men are paying
  • colour of the British Army is khaki not... beige - Class division
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Part 3

  • A row of figures in wheelchairs - figures to suggest that war has taken men's personality
  • If the country demanded that price, then it should be bloody well prepared to look at the result - those men hidden from public view, because they are the embodiment of the true nature of the war
  • He's been handed two white feathers - symbol of cowardice
  • Nothing justifies this. Nothing nothing nothing - nothing ca justify the suffering of those men and their experiences
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Part 4 - Rengeration

  • Craiglockhart, that living museum of tics and twitches - the effects of war
  • Everyone who survives feels guilty - self explanatory
  • Remember you must behave as beomes the hero I expect you to be - expectations of society
  • You should be ashamed of yourself he says thats a human being - unborn human being treated with more respect than the soldiers, the home front stand up to protect it while a generation of young men full of hope and possibilities are dying in France
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Journey's End

  • A pale gimmer of moonlight - the misty grey parapet - pale colours reflect the mood of peace
  • Swish-swich-swish-swich-BANG!! - onomatopeia
  • A dug-oy got blown up and came down in the men's tea. They were frightfully annoyed// There's nothing worst than dirt in your tea - trench humour, focus on tea rather than men dead
  • By the way, you know the big German attack is expected any day now? - Sherriff builds the tension for the auidence
  • There's more transport than usual coming up... bringing up loads and loads of men - Sherriff building tension again
  • Drinking like a fish, as usual - simile, offends Stan
  • He's a long way the best company commander we've got - Osb very supportive of Stan
  • When a boy like Stan gets a reputation out here for drinking, he turns into a kind of freak show - refers to 'a boy', Stan drinking
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Journey's End

  • He was out here before i joined up. His experience makes him worth a dozen people like me - more loyalty from Osb
  • And don't forget about the big attack - Sherriff is keeping the main action of the play in the front of the auidences's mind
  • Well built, healthy looking boy - use of signifies his excitement & nervousness, 'a boy'
  • Ruins in No man's land - metaphor of men
  • Pouring himself out a whisky - the burden on him of making this man go to war while there's no one to help him & help him with his own dislike of war that had destroyed him
  • Poor Osborne - its false compassion
  • Don't you understand? How can I sit down and eat that - when - when Osb's - lying - out there - dashes show the emotion
  • The candles are no lonnger burning - metaphor for their lives
  • We must expect the attack any time up till midday - climax, Structure: short sentences speed up of the action - pace of events
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