Easter 1916

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A palinode - a public poem - an apology - retract from view shown in September 1913. 

Poem of reflection. 

"I have met them at close of day"

- past tense = reflection.

- close of day = end of day. 

"Coming with vivid faces  -  From counter or desk among grey  -  Eighteenth-century houses."

- vivid = full of life - bright - revolutionaries. 

- contrast bright faces with "grey" counters and desks. 

- coming from boring jobs but still have vivid faces. 

"I have passed with a nod of the head  -  Or polite meaningless words,

Or have lingered awhile and said  -  Polite meaningless words,"

- sounds regretful. 

- repetition of "polite meaningless words" - wished he had said more. 

- even when he lingered he didn't say/do enough. 

- can't ever say anything meaningful to them now - they're dead. 

"And thought before I had done  -  Of a mocking tale or a gibe  -  To please a companion  -  Around the fire at a club,"

- used the meetings as material to mock them later - had been rude about them.

- club = exclusive - not for ordinary workers. 

"Being certain that they and I  -  But lived where motley is worn:"

- certain = strong. 

- "they and I" shows serious distinction.

- thought that the ordinary Irish people didn't care for Romantic Ireland + that they were fools. 

- "fumble in a greasy till" and "catch cries of the clown" - Sep 1913 + The Fisherman. 

- motley = court jester costume.

"All changed, changed utterly:  A terrible beauty is born."

- all = extreme - doesn't believe anything that he used to. 

- stresses almost every syllable - gives the line emphasis.

- have his opinions changed or have the people changed. 

- born = personification of the terrible beauty. 

- terrible beeauty = beautiful (what he wanted) but dangerous - oxymoronic - reader focuses on it.

"That women's days were spent    In ignorant good-will    Her nights in argument    Until her voice grew shrill.  What voice more sweet than hers    When, young and beautiful,   She rode to harriers?"

-  ignorant good will - her heart was…


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