Long term causes of the Anglo Afghan war

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  • Long Term Causes of the Anglo-Afghan War
    • The starting point was France's desire to attack Britain's source of wealth, India
      • This lead to France and Russia entering into a peace treaty called the peace of Tilsit, in 1807, under which Russia was permitted to enter the continental system and in return Russia would attack India through Afghanistan
        • The British, however, knew all about the plan to invade India through Afghanistan, because they had a spy.
      • In 1798, France tried to invade India, through Egypt, although their plan was thwarted, when Nelson destroyed the whole of the French fleet, at the Battle of the Nile
    • Lord Elphinstone was given the task of winning over Shah Shuja of Afghanistan.The British sent many agents into Afghanistan to gather intelligence,  map the area and to make allies with the Shah Shuja (the Great Game.)
      • A Russian agent was spotted in Kabul trying to forge an alliance between the Tsar and Dost Mohammad and to undermine the British influence
        • The British sent an army into Afghanistan to  put Shah shuja on the throne


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