London Dockland regeneration scheme

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  • London docklands regeneration
    • changes 1981 to 1998
      • 200,000 trees planted
      • 760ha of derelict land reclaimed
      • 17 conservation areas set up
      • 150ha of space created
      • lightrailway opened in 1987 to cut journey time to london by 20 minutes
    • general
      • newham council built low-cost,affordable houses
      • current housing improved and services upgraded
      • conservation groups planted trees
      • local residents cannot afford the expensive flats built by property developers
      • Docklands had high amounts of economic activity in the 19th and early 20th century
      • deocklands began to decliner from 1960s onwards
    • social regeneration
      • over 24,000 new homes
      • former warehouse converted into luxery flats
      • new shopping centre developed
      • £100m spent on health,education, job training and community programmes
      • by 1998 2700 businesses were trading in the docklands
    • economic regerneration
      • unemployment fell from 14.2% 7.4%
      • city airport built in former dockland
      • jubilee underground extension opened providing access to waterloo
      • improved transport links


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