Loftus and Palmer Exp. 1 Evaluation

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  • Loftus and Palmer Exp. 1 Evaluation
    • - Ecological Validity: unnatural setting. Other factors would affect in real life.
      • Stress and emotions are affecting factors.
    • + Reliability: EV such as environment the same for all pps.
    • + Reliability: same Questions w/ only verb changed = standardised, replicated w/ similar results.
    • + DC: will not know verb is manipulated.
    • + Independent Design: no pps & boredom effects.
    • - Pps. know it's not real and may not take it seriously.
      • Students also would be used to tests and pay more attention.
        • Cannot Generalise
    • - Validity: interviewed straight after; would not occur like this in real life.
      • If they asked speeds later they may say differently.


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